The competition celebrates and recognises all of the city’s rich footballing heritage including football’s first ever tournament; the Football Challenge Cup presented by Thomas Youdan Esq. which was played only once in 1867 at Bramall Lane.

A local theatre owner, Thomas Youdan, sponsored the competition and provided the trophy. The trophy itself was made of silver and although Thomas Youdan awarded a £2 prize to the winner of a competition to design the trophy, it was not completed in time to be presented on the day to the winners.

The format of the competition was drawn up by a committee and played under Sheffield Rules. It was contested by 12 Sheffield teams, the first two rounds were on a knock-out basis; however the final was contested between three teams playing each other in turn. The final took place on 5 March 1867 and attracted 3,000 spectators, each paying 3d admission.

The game used the concept of ‘rouges’ (a rouge was scored when an attempt at goal, using a goal only four yards wide, missed but would have gone into an eight yard wide goal. Rouges were only considered in the case of a drawn match).

Hallam FC beat Norfolk and Mackenzie to finish first, while Norfolk beat Mackenzie and finished second. The runners-up were presented with a two-handed silver goblet encircled with athletic figures that had been purchased with the proceeds of the gate money. Thomas Youdan was unable to present it personally as he was ill.

The Music Ball – Sponsored by Thomas Youdan.

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